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The Thule Legacy

The Thule Legacy

  • aramiha harwood

Kia Ora koutou. Lon, Adam and Ara have been playtesting a new game from Lon.

The Thule Legacy bunkers have been proven to exist following dark rumours and disappearances over the last decade. Dark arcane power is growing and an inexplicable madness has seized mediums and occultists around the world...

The game is basically a bunker crawler, with great big mobs of zombies chasing down the protagonists. Lon played the Nazi zombies, chasing after Adam and Ara - each of us given a couple of soldiers/special-agents to race through the bunker. Given the playtesting motive for these games, we literally felt like rats in a maze!

Lon has come up with some very clever mechanics, which we were very happy to play around with and brainstorm over. (just how much movement should a Nazi vampire get, anyways?)

Lots of machine gun dice were rolled, and many zombies were wiped out. Two games were played - one win for the agents, and one win for the zombies. A fair enough result, we thought. We look forward to playing Thule Legacy more!