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Adam in Italy - TRIBAL Italian version

Adam in Italy - TRIBAL Italian version

  • aramiha harwood

On our Mana Press Tribal FB and insta I have been regaling followers with stories of Adam's travels through Iceland - and his hunt for trolls and fae of myth and folklore.

Well now he's in Italy and has caught up with the good folks at VAEEDITORI.

Andrea et al at VAEEDITORI have just offered italian versions of our TRIBAL 2nd edition, and will be looking to do the same for the Tribal supplements, as well as our Maximillian 1934 offerings.

In Adam's words:

Caught up with Andrea for dinner, beer and some games of  Tribal at a local games shop in Prato. Andrea is a kindred spirit gamer. An electrical engineer by day and a war gamer and rules publisher in his spare time. I met a few of the other members of the gaming community, mumbled something to video for a YouTube channel vote for best board game ( it was meant to be "vote for the goblin " in Italian,  but probably game out "voot un Gobbles"...on behalf of Mana Press). Then Andrea kindly drove me back to Florence

Besides that, Adam has been travelling around Italy - visiting places like Verona.
He has also been spotting ammonite fossils in the ancient marble paths and ruins of Roman-era cities/towns/settlements:

I like that the Romans made their buildings from Jurassic limestone filled with huge ammonite fossils.


And finally, he's been quite taken with a particular stone castle - because it reminds him so much of a typical wargamers fortification.

The castle was one of the sights Prato. I thought it was cool because it exactly like a boxed model castle (40x 40m square layout, big door at front, little escape door at the back. It also had crenalations like minas   tirith.

 Great stuff!