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The prehistoric supplement for Tribal

PRIMEVAL is a prehistoric gaming supplement for the TRIBAL rules – a skirmish-style wargame which focuses on the heroic deeds of units and individuals in battle. PRIMEVAL continues the theme of ‘honour’ as a fundamental element of tribal life and combat – which determines who actually ‘wins’ a game, through the actions of the protaganists in battle.
PRIMEVAL goes back to the era of the Dawn of Man, when humanity was first establishing itself across the harsh landscapes of a prehistoric world. Humanity’s fight for survival and ultimately supremacy provides a world of interesting gaming opportunities! The constantly emerging finds in the field, which challenges us all to reassess who we are, and where we come from, inspired us to research and game in the era of Primeval man.
In PRIMEVAL there are: new skills (including rules for dog companions); 4 new prehistoric factions (Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Hominids and Denisovans); 4 new scenarios; a mini-campaign called ‘The Hunt’; and rules for playing animals in scenarios.

For free assets for this game visit our DOWNLOAD page.