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Gangster Project

Gangster Project

  • aramiha harwood

A chance find of a $5 copy of Mad Dogs with Guns at a clearance book store has set off another wallet lightening project. Here is the start to my Prohibition era gangster force.

A gang of young punks ….the expendable meat of organised crime (Copplestone)

Some honest civilians and their cars (Lledo and Mathcbox)

The city police … here to enforce the law (unless you pay them enough to look the other way..)

Gang Boss Antonio Adiposo, his nephew Ignacio, and his taciturn right hand man Julius Friday (Copplestone)

Senior members of Fat Tony’s gang, Sal, Mr Friday and Rocco (Copplestone).

The Feds

Agent Van Alden and his little friend Tommy

Some more gawping locals (Brigade)

A mug shot for my Dept. Treasury File Cards (aka character stat cards)

Tilly Von Klopfer (Tony’s girlfriend), spies an intruder breaking in through the window of the lower floor.

She always carries protection!

With the intruder dealt with she gets dressed and hurries off to tell Tony…taking all precautions.

A more modern photo of Tilly

A sly looking Hood armed and concealed weapon versions ( Copplestone range has quite a few of these mixed through different packs). Also the Mob Accountant on the right.