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Cruel Seas Coastal Batteries , U Boat and Destroyer

Cruel Seas Coastal Batteries , U Boat and Destroyer

  • aramiha harwood

Lon gave me the S-boats from his Cruel Seas starter set in order to lure me into playing. It worked. A few weeks later and I have expanded my fleet and started on some other game pieces. I converted a 1/350 Trumpter Zerstorer for the game and the kit had a lot of left over guns, so I decided to make a couple of coastal batteries to add to the firepower.

A bit of scrap foam and some robotech tactics bases and voila! One the right is a sinking s-boat ( the coarse turf flock will be bubbling water and froth when finished)

Some fine sand and a lick of paint. (and a little shepherd’s hut for coastal decoration that I carved from foam to pass the time)

Some static grass for coastal vegetation and done. Nice way to pass a rainy Saturday.


The finished Destroyer that the surplus guns came from.

The sinking boat with the foam firmed down and hardened with some PVA glue…

…and then painted. Plus some bits as a sunken wreck marker in the background.

I found a 1/350 VII U boat and waterlined it. However, it looked a little flimsy, so I green-stuffed some bow waves and wake as a sort of base.

Here is the finished boat menacing the waterways.