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TRIBAL 2nd Ed - What's In It? June 2022

TRIBAL 2nd Ed - What's In It? June 2022

  • aramiha harwood

As the graphic design work continues, we thought it might be nice to provide some details as to what is in the second edition of Tribal.

Firstly, the Rules remain fundamentally the same. There are some clarifications and tightening of definitions, but you will still be able use your First edition of Tribal rules to play against someone with the Second edition. That was an underlying requirement for us in designing the Second edition book. This has made things slightly more difficult for us when doing a lot of the writing, but we got there in the end.

We have a lot more skills and equipment for Tribal players, to account for a variety of settings and genres. There are rules for cavalry and armour, muskets and chariots. Period specific rules are also featured for different settings.

There are rules for Shamans/Priests and magic they can bring to the battlefield - whether it be harmful or healing.

There are new settings for Tribal players to explore:

  • Pasifika cultures - such as Maori, Hawaii, Samoa, Tongad Fiji.
  • Bronze Age Mycenaean and Sea-Peoples.
  • The many tribes and peoples of Africa both pre and post colonisation.
  • The Tribes of the American Plains, such as the Crow/Absaroka, Pawnee and Lakota/Sioux.
  • Colonial-era conflicts featuring gunpowder rules and units.

There is a scenario generator for two players to get a game up and running with minimal effort and fuss, while making the battles themselves fun and interactive.

Finally, Lon has returned to solo-play rules to develop and expand on.


All in all, that's a lot of stuffs. Over the coming weeks, as we wait for the books to be finalised, we will further explore some of these new elements of Tribal in our posts. Keep an eye out for further updates!