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  • aramiha harwood

One of the settings in TRIBAL 2nd ed we look at is Pasifika  - the peoples who populate the greater part of the Pacific Region.

In it we have a quick look at Tribal organisation for Maori, Tonga, Samoa, Hawai'i and Kiribati. We also identify the various skills and special rules which would apply for the various Tribes/peoples:

  • Raid from the Water
  • Rally Round the Flag (Hawai’i standards only)
  • Stalking the Prey
  • Trophy Hunters
  • War Dance
  • No Missile units, besides Hawai’i and Tonga - 0-1 Marksmen units only


Really wanted to include some of the wardances for the Pasifika peoples, but couldn't really fit it into the book...

Here is the Hawai'ian war dance/Ha'a (similar to haka):

Eia makou na puali koa o Hawai‘i

Pulu pe i ka ua koko Tuahine

 Pali ku o Pu'u Ohi'a

O ke au i ka huli, wela ka honua

U ke au i ka huli, lole ka lani

He lua'i ai la, hua'ina ka wa'a kaua

E Ku lanakila, e Ku! E Ku!

Kulili'aikaua, e Ku! E Ku!


Here we are, fearless Hawai‘i warriors

Drenched in the red Tuahine rain

Upright cliff of Pu'u Ohi'a

In the time of change, hot was the earth

In the time of change, turned inside-out, the heavens

An eruption occurred, gushed forth the

molten lava of battle

Oh Ku, spirit of victory. Oh Ku, oh Ku!

Oh Ku, spirit of ferocity in battle. Oh Ku, oh Ku!