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Mana Press - Getting on with Things in Lockdown#2

Mana Press - Getting on with Things in Lockdown#2

  • aramiha harwood

We hope everyone is doing okay around the world, what with second waves and new lockdown measures kicking in. We've been on the receiving end of it here in Melbourne, which has prevented the Mana Press guys from getting together and working on new projects. Nevertheless, we're still plugging away on things in our own social bubbles - hopefully we'll have some new and exciting developments to announce when things return to some semblance of normality.

First Up - we're extending the 'build your own' competition for Maximillian 1934 until the end of October 2020. This may have to be extended further, depending on circumstances re:lockdowns around the world. We've had some excellent entries from peeples, but some of us just can't access the necessary bits and pieces to finish our projects. As shown below, my ute is sitting on freeze blocks until I can get access to some buttons! (yes, I know I can order them online, but I really prefer to look at the button in person to see if it'll fit on my vehicle properly).

Secondly - while in Lockdown, it's always nice to receive little hobby-related parcels. Some more Leadbear's Tufts arrived in the mail from South Australia. Always love his stuff - thanks Barry!

Finally, we hope you're getting some gaming in wherever you are! Ara and Nic have been playing Command & Colors Ancients via FB messenger video chat - each of us having a copy of the game at home, and calling out the hex numbers on the gameboard when we're moving/attacking. Works pretty well - we'll take whatever gaming we can get, to be honest.

Take care out there, get some painting, gaming and reading in, and see you on the other side of this pandemic!