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Leadbear's Tufts - australian desert-themed baseing products

Leadbear's Tufts - australian desert-themed baseing products

  • aramiha harwood
Barry has been doing base-tufts for wargamers for years now. An absolutely brilliant range of products, we here at Mana Press stock up on his tufts every chance we can get!

He has recently started doing Aussie desert trees, the Xanthorrhoea.
For anyone who has wandered the breadth of the aussie outback, they would be well familiar with the Xanthorrhoea - otherwise known as the Yakka.

Barry sent us a sample set of the trees, carefully packaged in a postbox
The Yakka is quite important in Koori history/culture. The trunk contained a resin glue which retained a variety of uses.
The glue was important in binding axe heads to handles, spear points to their shafts, and generally one material to another. As a resin is also water-proof, which is in contrast to tree sap, the material is also useful in patching damaged water containers and water craft.
Sounds like these would be really useful objectives for a prehistoric scenario, with tribes fighting to 'harvest' the resin from each of these trees. Hmmm... might have to do something for that! :)

You can find Barry's store on the LB FB page, check it out here:
Get on there and getcha self some!