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Maximillian 1934 - Car Manufacturer competition

Maximillian 1934 - Car Manufacturer competition

  • Mana Press

Let your creativity flow - Try your Hand at Manufacturing Cars

Could you be the next Henry T Ford or Enzo Ferrari?


Brendan - Mechanic, Gamer and Maximillian 1934 friend and supporter - has been under stage 4 Lockdown, like the rest of us here in Melbourne...

To keep himself occupied, he has come up with a fun way of designing and building Maximillian 1934 stock cars out of materials available to all of us at home - ie  cardboard, buttons and glue.

He has put together a handy set of Instructions to build and create your own car, which are freely available here: ROADSTER GUIDE & TEMPLATE

Have a go! See what you can come up with!

As a way of encouraging people to get their creativity happening, we're offering a (very) informal competition for all budding car makers.

1) Make your own cars using Brendan's instructions from above, Feel free to bling it up to your own heart's content. Paint it up how you like, add large exhausts, spoilers, a speed-happy driver etc.

2) By 30 September 2020, submit a photo/img of your creations to the FB Maximillian 1934 group:

or email us at:

3) On 1 October we will display the cars on Facebook and on this blog, people are free to vote for their favourite.

4) On 7 October the winner of the car-creator competition is announced - decided by popular vote.

Prizes include a Maximillian 1934 car accessories pack from Eureka (very handy); a Eureka armoured Monowheel; and some other goodies...

So... what are you waiting for???
Get out there and get cracking! If you build it, they will come... and crash into it, if possible...